This exercise challenges your ability to main the C-Curved in the spine. Maintain the shape of the spine and the recruitment between your spine and the legs as you roll, focus on the length of the spine whilst still maintaining the C-Curve, recruit and connect your abdominals to support the spine. This exercise massages the spine while maintaining a strong core.


1. Sit up tall on your sit bones. Lift your feet, bending your knees and turning your legs out from the hips so you can press the soles of your feet together. Place your arms inside your legs to wrap your hands under your ankles and grasp the outside. The knees are just outside the shoulder.


2. Recruit your abdominals and make a C-curve. Your gaze is to the navel.


3. Inhale: Initiating the movement with your lower abdominals, smoothly roll back onto your shoulders (not your neck). Clap your feet together 3 times at the top whilst in a balance.


4. Exhale: Use your deep core muscles to help you roll back up to starting position, slightly balancing your feet of the mat and Clap your feet together 3 times