This exercise develops strength in the spine and trims the waist.

It improves the ability to engage spinal rotation through recruitment of the abdominals. It requires precision and control of the oblique muscles on both sides of the waist. You must twist from the waist and not from the shoulders.


1. Sit up tall on your sit bones


2. Recruit your abdominals and lengthen your spine so that your upper body is well supported.


3. Extend your legs, flex your feet and reach through your heels.


4. Extend your arms directly out to the sides at shoulder height. Keeping your palms facing down, extend outward through your fingertips. Pull your shoulder blades together and keep your chin level.


5. Inhale, lengthening through the waist and spine


6. Exhale, rotate from the rib cage and the oblique’s.


7. Keep the hips square


8. Inhale to prepare, Exhale to return to centre and repeat on the other side.