This exercise aims actively to mobilise the entire spine, encouraging support from abdominals and awareness of lateral breathing. It is a great stretch for the back and the hamstrings, but more importantly it is a deep abdominal exercise.


1. Sit up tall on your sit bones, with your legs lengthened hip-width distance apart and let your shoulders relax


2. Lift the ribs away from the hips lengthening through the waist and press out through the heels


3. Inhale and extend your arms out shoulder height


4. Exhale as you lengthen your spine to curve forward


-Allow a deep release in the hips as you keep your shoulders down and reach your fingers toward your toes


-Inhale and reach a little further as you enjoy the fullness of your stretch. Imagine: - As you pull forwards to your feet, there is a belt pulling your waist back.


-Keep your neck long and pressing through your feet


5. Exhale, slowly re-stack and roll up through your spine to sitting position using the lower abdominals to bring the pelvis upright and sit tall on your sit bones