Here you will find a few of our most recent testimonials. We pride ourselves on offering the very best Pilate classes in Gloucester.

I have been attending classes with Teresa for over 5 years.  They are not only fun but informative on the ways of the body and muscles enabling you to work to the best of your abilities and get the most from each class.  I wouldn’t be without my weekly dose of Pilates; it helps my mind and body.  It’s not just a run of the mill Pilate’s class. "

 Karen Likeman



"I have been having 1:1 Pilate’s lessons with Teresa for over 4 years  I have MS and I have very limited mobility in my legs.  I have found my weekly Pilates lessons to be absolutely invaluable.  There are so many different exercises I can do using Teresa’s Pilates Cadillac machine which work the legs, arms, core muscles and many more.  These exercises and stretches are vitally important to someone like me who is unable to do most other forms of exercise.  Not only has Pilates been very beneficial to me but I look forward to being able to push my body as I work on the machine with Teresa’s encouragement and excellent teaching methods."

Ann Wiseman



"I have been attending Teresa’s Pilates classes for 5 years, both pregnant and non-pregnant!  Teresa puts different levels in so can work to a level you feel comfortable for your body. The classes are always enjoyable and I look forward to them every week"

Sara Parker


"I having been doing Pilates with Teresa for 3 years. She is always motivational and inspirational. She encouraged me to join her when she went hill and distance walking. Recently, I have completed my fifth organised ultra walk.  Thanks to Teresa, I have gone from doing no form of exercise to doing Pilates twice a week, to wondering when I can book my next challenge. Thank you Teresa"

Natasha Downing


"After being introduced to Pilates by Teresa, the benefits have been really good. I come from a background of competing at a good level in various contact sports. Although boxing, rugby and martial arts develop strength and power, I found my flexibility mirrored someone in the eighties.  Teresa is very good at noticing limitations, to which she is quick at showing modifications to assist improvement.  

Teresa is a great instructor who can get the best out of a student through her warm and friendly encouragement. Pilates is great add on to anyone fitness programme and I would highly recommend Teresa."

Steven Brown


"I have been going to Teresa’s classes for about 5 years and have found them very beneficial, challenging (in a good way) and fun. More recently I have also been with my husband to private classes to work on her Pilate’s equipment as he is a complete beginner and we both have problems with arthritis. She is a great teacher for us both and has really encouraged my husband to gradually become more mobile. We both wish we had started Pilates earlier and I would have no hesitation in recommending Teresa as a good and knowledgeable teacher."

Mary Barter



"I have been attending Teresa’s Pilates classes for over 4 years now (twice a week) and enjoy every minute of it. I have honestly noticed a difference in my flexibility and posture as well as a great mindfulness. I always feel good after class.  Teresa is a great teacher and is always full of positivity and has a great attitude towards life. She makes her classes fun and a pleasure to be part of and lets you work to your own ability but always has an, add on if you want to work a bit harder, your choice to push yourself.   Teresa’s Pilates classes are a great experience and I wouldn’t want to be without it.  Lovely class, with lovely people."

Dee Cross  


"Teresa is a great teacher.  Her classes have helped a long standing back issue and she is mindful of my particular issue.  During class Teresa offers alternatives for those at different levels of ability and in particular to those of us with back or other issues. 

We have fun in class but know that we’ve worked hard after it!"

Louise Mathews



Without Pilates I do not believe that I would retain my independence. I have secondary progressive MS. whilst others had dismissed the possibility of increasing my strength through exercise Teresa has given me the benefit of her infinite patience, encouragement and expertise. I now have far greater core strength than I had ever achieved in good health, which is invaluable to maintain my mobility. 

Fiona Cranmore


I have been attending Teresa’s classes for over 4 years. Which I’m TOTALLY hooked on! I began by only attending one class a week. Then in time progressed and wanted to do more classes. I now attend 3 classes a week with one class been a 1-2-1 session on equipment in her studio.Teresa is a wonderful teacher!! Explaining each exercise thoroughly and demonstrates the correct technique and posture. Each exercise has different levels for everybody’s ability.Every class is very enjoyable and a fun time is had by all. Which We have all become good friends.Through lots of encouragement and support from Teresa she has encouraged me to start running which that was something I thought I couldn’t do. To my amazement I am able to do just that and enjoy it.My personal Thank goes to Teresa for all her encouragement, self-belief in me and all the times she has come out running. Which was in her own time.... couldn’t of done it without her xx

Sue Grimsby